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Image title how to know when to simplify your plant care

Know When It’s Time to Simplify Your Plant Care Routine

When you’re always on the go, finding the time to look after your plants and knowing when to care for them can be the last task on your list of priorities. Each plant is unique, needing different types of love and attention to help it thrive. And when it’s not quite as simple as topping up with a drop of water every once in a while, plant care all too easily falls by the wayside.
But how do you know when it’s time to simplify your plant care routine with water propagation? Let us help you.
How to know when to transition to water propagation
Knowing when to simplify your plant care routine can be the difference between happy, healthy plants and giving up on plant care altogether. If you find yourself constantly frustrated by your plants, you’re likely halfway there.
When you just can’t stop your plants from dying
No matter how much time, care and attention you devote to your plants, they refuse to stay alive. You reduce water intake, increase sunlight, and vice versa. But no matter what you do, nothing works – your plants are sad, droopy, and begging for a little love.
While water propagation may not work for all plants, there are plenty of plants that love to be propagated in water, making it easier than ever to know when your plants are happy and flourishing under your care.
You’re a frequent flyer
Do you spend more time on your travels than you spend in your house? Taking care of your plants when travelling is possible, but often an additional worry that could easily be avoided. Plus, we’re not all lucky enough to have a plant-sitter, never mind someone that’s willing to embrace a complex care routine for the different varieties you have.
Water propagation provides a low-maintenance method to care for your plant babies, even when you’re not home. All water propagated plants need is a little TLC before you leave for guaranteed plant happiness when you return.
How to know when your plant care routine is just too much to keep up with
Like everything in life, plant care isn’t always as easy as it looks on Instagram. How could it be when every plant requires something a little different? Different amounts of water, different amounts of light… the list goes on! Caring for plants can be stressful, time-consuming and incredibly frustrating.
But it doesn’t have to be this way. Thanks to its ease and convenience, water propagation makes plant lovers of everyone.
Benefits of water propagation
Short on time? No worries! Water propagation is simple, making plant care easy for even the most novice plant parents.
Water propagation is fast, easy, and advantageous for those who don’t have all day to take care of their plants.
Simplify your routine
If this sounds like you, following a low-maintenance plant care routine can make all the difference between thriving spider plants and slowly dying cheese plants.
If your plants are looking sad and plant care is bringing you more hassle than happiness, it’s time to change your routine.
Water propagation for beginners
If you’ve just finished inspecting your lifeless plants and feel clueless about how to resuscitate them, it’s the perfect time to learn the basic how-to steps of water propagation.
In just five simple steps, water propagation will help you to simplify your plant care routine while providing everything your plant needs to thrive.
Step one: locate the cutting spot
The first step is identifying where to cut the root on the main plant, typically located by the root node.
Step two: take a cutting
No that you have identified the correct spot, use a clean knife or scissors to cut below the node.
Step three: change the water
Change or top up the water for clean drinking water every 3-5 days to promote optimal health.
Step four: be patient
This might be the hardest step. Waiting can be a trying time since you are impatient to see if your propagation has worked. You'll know when it's time to move to the next step.
Step five: the choice
Once your roots will have grown approximately 3 to 5”, they’re ready! At this point, you can put the cuttings in new soil to create a new and healthy plant or continue to watch it thrive in water – the choice is yours.
The time is now!
If you’re short on time but can’t face the bland space of your house without the welcoming vibe of a plant or two, water propagation provides the perfect way to enjoy plants without the stress of complex plant care routines.

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