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theory beyond design

You want greenery in your home without the hours of maintenance needed every week to keep your plants alive. And in the middle of a houseplant popularity boom, killing plants can get expensive.

What if you had a more affordable way to replenish and maintain your collection?

We're talking about water propagation. It's a simple way to grow whole new plants from just a small cutting. Crazy, right?!

You're probably thinking, This sounds too good to be true. How does this even work? We'll show you. It's a method we know you'll love so much that we design all of our products around it. Don't waste another minute!

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meet theory beyond design

Plant care, simplified.

We live in a world of big things. Big ideas. Big expectations. Big pressures.

Stripping back the excess to focus on the beauty of nature, Theory Beyond Design offers ease, simplicity, and sophistication for plant-lovers everywhere.

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