What Do Your Plants Say About You?

What Do Your Plants Say About You?

If your plants could talk, what would they say about you? We’re sure they’d have plenty of tales to tell! Whether you’re a ficus fan or a low-maintenance lover, we’ll tell you what your houseplant choices reveal about your personality. 

Low-maintenance plants 

Do you love plants that love pebble trays and don’t need a lot of fuss? If your plant choices include begonias and alocasias, you prefer low-maintenance plants that look beautiful in your home without demanding too much of your attention. 

You’re fun, carefree, and take life as it comes. You enjoy a laidback lifestyle and have a nonchalant approach to everything that comes your way. No one thing is worth depleting your energy for – you much prefer to sit back, relax, and take pleasure in the little things in life. 

Resilient plants 

No matter what you do, you struggle to keep plants alive. You’re a busy bee and frequent flyer, constantly traveling from one place to the next. You love being on the go. Your plants, on the other hand? Not so much. 

After much searching and a few plant disappointments, you finally settle on resilient plants that are almost impossible to kill. You’ve filled your home with snake plants, spider plants, Chinese evergreens, and succulents – plants that won’t care too much when left to do their own thing! 

As a resilient plant lover, you’re careful where you direct your precious time and energy. Maintaining your vibe is important to you and you prefer a no-strings-attached relationship with everything – including your plants! With a real passion to explore the wonders of the world, you enjoy an easy life without hassle or commitment. 

Ficus plants 

Are you a ficus fan? Fiddle leaf figs, rubber plants, Audrey ficus, and weeping figs have much to say about you! Just like a ficus, you stand out amongst the crowd, standing tall and reaching high for your dreams. You have big goals and have no troubles setting the roots firmly into place to make sure they’re achieved. Reaching high towards the sun just like a ficus, you’ll grow tall and achieve your every wish. 

Show-stopping plants 

Variegated plants are often very unique. Multi-tonal with different colored leaves, stripes, spots, circles, and other shapes, a variegated plant is a show-stopper in any home. 

If you’re a proud plant parent to one or more variegated plants, your home is likely the space you love the most. From a Pinterest-worthy home office to a kitchen that’s fit for a cooking extraordinaire, your home is your pride and joy. 

You enjoy plants as a form of home décor – one of your hobbies that allows you to express your creativity and eye for detail. Calm, relaxed, and much preferring an evening at home over a night out, variegated plants bring you true happiness. 

BIG plants 

Does your monstera take pride of place in your home? Or perhaps your monstera is just one of many huge-growing houseplants you have. If bird of paradise, dracaena, and majesty palms are among your favorite plants, you’re the life and soul of every party. 

A lover of opulence, you stand out from the crowd in all the best ways. A fashionista at heart, you know how to make a bold entrance with fabulous wardrobe choices and impeccable home décor. 

Poorly plants 

If you can’t hit the shops without returning with a sad, droopy plant that’s in desperate need of a little TLC, this one’s for you! The plant whisperer in your friendship group, you’re a true hero and are determined to take on any challenge. Bold, fearless, and sometimes completely reckless, you’re a thrill-seeker that goes to extreme lengths to prove your abilities. 

And yet, after exhilarating days climbing mountains, scuba diving, and enjoying other thrilling adventures, you find no challenge more satisfying than when nurturing your plants back to good health. Don’t worry, we do a little happy dance when we see new leaves too! 

A little bit of everything! 

If your home is a plant haven, you’re a real plant connoisseur. As a dedicated plant parent, complex needs don’t phase you. Whether it needs a little or a lot of love, you don’t mind one bit – you’ll research as though your life depends on it to give every plant the attention it needs. You go to great lengths to make sure your home is the perfect environment for your plants, even going as far as rearranging your furniture to give your plants the perfect amount of sunlight. 

Sound like you? You’re a devoted and loyal friend, partner, and family member that cares a lot. Current affairs are important to you and you spend your spare time advocating for change. Above all else, you’re compassionate, caring, and would do anything to show your loved ones just how much you care. 

What type of plant parent are you? 

Whether you’re a frequent flyer or a dedicated plant rescuer, you’re welcome within our plant parenthood community! Though we’re all different and one person’s plant care routine may look a lot different from another’s, we’ll help you find something that works perfectly for you. 

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