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How to Propagate Snake Plants

Commonly known as a Snake Plant or Mother-in-law’s Tongue, the sansevieria is a popular plant – and for good reason! A sansevieria not only looks good but has many unique traits that make it a firm favorite in many plant collections. This post covers how to grow your own snake plant babies.

One of the sources of plant fibers used to make bowstrings, sansevierias are cool and quirky houseplants that are truly worthy of your love and attention. As you nurture and care for your snake plant, it will return the favor by detoxifying and purifying the air of harmful chemicals, keeping you safe and sound.

And propagating snake plants has never been easier! A true water baby, a sansevieria thrives in water propagation stations. Simple and easy to care for from the moment you take the cutting, Sansevierias are ideal for both novice and expert plant moms.

How to Grow Snake Plants in Water

Originating from the deserts of Ethiopia, Africa, Madagascar, and Southern Asia, sansevierias are tolerant of droughts. That’s why you may be surprised to hear that Snake Plants thrive in water for extensive (and sometimes even indefinite!) periods.

Since water propagation is one of the easiest ways to nurture your cuttings, this is great news for hands-off plant moms. Fun, inexpensive, and low-maintenance, propagating your plants in water is one of the most rewarding experiences.

Ready to propagate your very own snake plant? We’ve got your back with four simple steps.

Step One: Cuttings

Use a sterilized knife or scissors to cut off a healthy leaf from the mother plant. Cut the leaf just above its base and make a notched upwards arrow shape at the bottom. This is where the roots will grow.

Step Two: Containers 

Choose a tall container that’s big enough for your sansevieria cutting. With 6” long propagation vases, our propagation stands and wall hangings are perfect for a Snake Plant leaf. Each stand is handmade using locally sourced lumber to blend beautifully with your décor.

Step Three: Propagate

Place your snake plant cutting in your chosen stand and top up with water until it covers the notched cut. Top up with water as needed to keep your sansevieria fed and nourished.

Step Four: Enjoy!

Thanks to our range of glass stands, you’ll be able to watch your plant cuttings grow over time.

When propagating houseplants, patience is key! It may be a few months before you start to see roots or pups sprout, making it all the more rewarding when you start to see progress.

At this point, you can choose to move your cuttings to soil or allow them to continue growing in water – the choice is yours! Either way, your new Snake Plant will thrive under your loving care and attention.

Plant Propagation Made Easy

Water propagation is one of the most simple, easy, and cost-effective ways to propagate a sansevieria cutting. Simply order your favorite Theory Beyond Design stand and follow our four simple steps to put the pro back into propagation.

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