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Pedestal Series: Stilts Plant Propagation Stand

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 The intricate layering of music from various instruments produces a complex and exquisite symphony. And so too does our Stilts Plant Propagation Stand create a symphony of nature to serenade your eyes and soothe your surroundings.

At 10” in width, the Stilts Plant Propagation Stand is ideal for use as a stunning centerpiece or focal point in your home or office. The undulating curves of the beautifully grained wood hold 5 glass propagation vases suspended within them, creating the harmony of any combination of cuttings that tickles your fancy.

The perfect place to cultivate your love of plants, this table decor plant stand holds pothos, spider plants, Chinese money plants, strings of pearls, strings of hearts, and many other plant cuttings as they grow in unison, becoming a miniature urban jungle. The options are only limited by your imagination!

About this Plant Propagation Stand

The vase and its finely-grained wooden holder are held aloft by two splendid brass rods (after all, what orchestra would be complete without a brass section?). The entirety of the piece is nestled atop an oblong 1” pedestal base, ensuring your nature symphony will not only be splendidly but safely displayed.

More on the Stilts Plant Propagation Stand

Features longer brass rods as the supports

CNC-cut using locally-sourced lumber and lovingly assembled by hand

Contains five glass propagation vases

Available in Walnut and Oak

Height: 7.25 in (18.4 cm)

Width: 10 in (25.4 cm)

Depth: 2.5 in (6.4 cm)

Sealed to protect against moisture

Use indoors only