as maximalism grows in popularity... does the urban jungle aesthetic.

If you're an interior designer, this is likely your worst nightmare. It’s messy, chaotic, and incredibly stressful for your clients to manage.

Let’s be honest: you don’t have time to teach your clients how to care for 100 different species of plant!

And yet plants provide a great way to bring life to an otherwise basic and bland interior space.

We know what you’re thinking… “If only there was a way to combine the simplicity of the organic, natural realm without overpowering the stylish details of each space.”

pssst. let us tell you a secret. there is!

With a custom Theory Beyond Design piece, you can incorporate strategically placed greenery into any setting for the ultimate balance between the urban jungle and your chosen décor.

Combining the art of plant propagation with beautiful designs, we’ll work together to create one-of-a-kind wall art and standalone pieces that enhance any space. CNC-cut and handmade to your exact specifications, your custom piece will be the perfect addition to any interior.

Whether simple and sophisticated or brilliant and bold, your Theory Beyond Design custom piece will help you stand out from the crowd as a professional designer with real vision.

custom work starts at a minimum of $200 per project.

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