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Exploring Torrefied Maple

In design, natural materials have stood the test of time as a bridge between the man-made world and the organic, functionally and aesthetically. One such material is one we are all familiar with: wood. In this post, we are talking specifically about torrefied wood.

As we searched for the right material for our upcoming set of designs, we stumbled upon torrefied maple and we were captivated by its rich warmth. But first, what does torrefied mean?


The Torrefaction Process (put simply)

Torrefaction is a transformative thermal treatment that elevates wood into a material with enhanced properties. It's a fancy word that means the wood is roasted to change its appearance and characteristics. Often applied to maple, this process involves heating the wood in a controlled environment to significantly lower moisture content and other remove other impurities. The result is wood with improved stability, increased energy density, and a unique, deep-hued appearance.


Industrial Versatility

Torrefied wood, including torrefied maple, has quite a few industrial benefits. Its low moisture content and increased energy density make it an ideal candidate for bioenergy production. The enhanced grindability and combustion characteristics of torrefied wood contribute to its growing popularity as a sustainable biomass fuel. Additionally, torrefied wood is often used to craft guitars because it is less susceptible to bending or warping.


Why We Are Playing with Torrefied Maple

If you know Theory Beyond Design, you know that we already love maple and have used it extensively in our pieces. The particular aesthetic qualities of torrefied maple introduces an extra special quality that resembles caramel or even chocolate. It feels like the best of walnut and maple combined into one!


The Warmth of Wood in Design

Wood has been a timeless choice in design for its ability to impart a warm and inviting atmosphere. The use of wood, including torrefied maple, adds a natural element that resonates with our innate connection to the environment. The warm tones create a cozy ambiance, making spaces feel more comfortable and welcoming.


Maple in Contemporary Design

Maple, with its versatile grain patterns and distinct color variations, has become a favored choice in contemporary design. Torrefied maple, in particular, provides an added dimension with its caramel-like warmth, making it an excellent option for sculptural decor elements.

The allure of torrefied maple in design lies not only in its industrial applications but also in its ability to infuse warmth and elegance into spaces. Join us in exploring the design possibilities that this new material will bring to our collection of pieces!


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